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I guess it is time to introduce myself.
Name: Mona
Age : 24
Sex : Female
Race: 1/2 White, 1/2 Maori
Home: New Zealand
Hero: Clint Eastwood (living)
Hero: Frank Zappa (not living)
Hero: Squall (Fantasy)
Hero: Jesus (book)
Hero: Captain Jack Sparrow (like he needs an explanation)

Okay, this is getting boring. I was born in New Zealand, but moved to Minnesota (!) when I was a child. I ended up at Sarah Lawrence, and modeled to pay for tuition etc. Actually I started modeling when I was 11. I started with print modeling for local ads in the Twin Cities, and went on to television (ads) in the Cities.
So I was accepted at S.L. and modeling paid for most of it.
Living in NYC was an EXPERIENCE. And that is where I met my MAN, Jack Daniels. Ok, just kidding. He is just a friend. A really really good friend. A best friend. Best friend anyone could ever have. Or want. Such a good, good friend. Okay, okay I love him. There. Are you satisfied? I admitted it. I love him. I have been cheating on Jake with Jack. Well, not cheating exactly, since Jake knows all about him. And he isn't even jealous. Go figure.
Modeling made me bunches of money. Green, green, money. And I spent it all. On Jake. And Jack. And Pot. And Shoes. And Clothes. Lots and lots of pot and shoes and clothes. And Purses. (Plus tuition, books, food, cable TV, rent and shit like that)

Make yourself comfortable. I am just getting started. I put off doing my bio for so long, and now it is raging to get out!

I have had a BIG problem for more than 1/2 of my life. I have had an E.D. It started around the same time I started modeling. (I wonder why?!) Anorexia turned into starvation. I never could master bulimia. I was able to vomit several times, but I really hated it. It just did not seem like something a lady should do. (I have always been a girly girl) I was hospitalized for it twice. I have been in a recovery state for the past year. Jake, who by the way, really IS the love of my life is aware of my E.D. and helps me so much.
I am 5'10" and my lowest weight was 86 pounds. Right now I am in the 120-125 range, and I know I am very thin, but when I look in the mirror, I sure do not see it. I am trying.

Well, my Dad died a while back, and my mum moved back to NZ not so long ago. She took my brother G'age with her. (he is named G'age because my Mother is a very strange lady) I got lonely, and moved back here a few months ago, and I dragged Jake with me.
I signed as an in-house model right away. Jake got a job as a chef. We got a house. We got another couple to live with us, and help with finances. Lord knows we need help in that department! Well, don't you?
Oh! Now here is something exciting... I got drunk and fell down a flight of stairs at a party. I broke a few ribs and REALLY really hurt my hip. (MAJOR bruising) It hurt, and kisses did not make it better. Since I could not model for a couple weeks, I got fired. Now here is the good part. I took a position (job) in my profession. The reason I went to college. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, I am now a teacher. I teach 9 year old children Maori studies. Culture, laws, language, history, tattoos, etc.
And I am very happy now. I love what I am doing. I love my job and I love Jake. I love that he is 6" taller than I am, too.

My hobbies are: video games (RPGs) esp. the Final Fantasy series, all the Zelda's, Mario's, and Donkey Kong's. I also like music from the 70s, and I LOVE Metallica. The Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter. books first, then the movies on both of these titles.
I read a lot, watch TV too much, smoke pot and rent a lot of movies. I hate having my feet touched. But I love shoes.
Are you still reading this? Why?

PS I am back in MN. again. Land of the free home of the brave, the United States of America. Land of ridiculous Pot laws. Which reminds me, McDonalds still have double cheeseburgers on their dollar menu? MMmmm...

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